the Potential of
Smallholder Farmers

Why smallholder farmers?

Agriculture is central to rural development and poverty alleviation.
When farmers produce more food and earn higher incomes, they are better able to feed their families, send their children to school, and provide for their family’s health. This in turn makes their communities economically stronger and more resilient. The benefits are even more pronounced when agricultural growth is driven by smallholder farmers and by women. Furthermore, these farmers can play an important role in mitigating climate change and restoring the environment through their stewardship of the land and by practicing regenerative agriculture.

What does support from Cosecha Partners address?

The missing linkages between smallholder farmers and markets are a key driver in structural poverty and inequality.

Our model is designed to respond to the market failures that prevent smallholders from accessing new and more profitable supply chains. By taking an integrative approach to smallholder development and focusing on the fundamental factors that influence improved performance, we enable farmers to increase productivity, achieve higher farmgate prices, and reduce production costs. The resulting income growth allows farmers to expand livelihood activities, invest in their household and reduce vulnerability.

How we measure our impact

Cosecha Partners applies rigorous monitoring and evaluation methods to capture and report the impact of our work in the communities we serve.
We do so by undertaking extensive impact analysis that starts with household surveys to establish social and environmental baseline data. Our field team collects longitudinal information that allows us to measure changes to household income, living standards and other social and environmental indices over time. We then analyze the findings and share the insights with our farmers to continuously improve our programs. We also communicate the impact we have achieved across our supply chain, allowing food brands and consumers to evaluate our performance and contribute to our cause.

Impact at a Glance

Since its launch, Cosecha Partners has reached over 7,900 farmers, generated over $2.5M in increased household income, and helped nearly 22,000 people emerge from poverty.

Reaching those in need


of farmers who support households living on less than $3/day per capita


of farmers who support households living on less than $1.25/day per capita


of women farmers 


of young farmers between ages 18-30 

Delivering the critical resources for success


Farmers trained in organic agriculture

17,747 kg

Amount of organic inputs distributed


Hours of on-farm technical assistance


Trees planted

Building sustainable livelihoods


Households benefiting from increased income


Increased household income generated


Average increase in farmer productivity


Acres designated towards organic and regenerative agriculture

Coming soon

2023 Annual Impact Report

Want to know more about us, our impact and our farmers?

Cosecha Partners is a pioneering social business that catalyzes sustainable agriculture and market inclusion for smallholder farmers in poor and vulnerable communities.
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