from the central 
highlands of Nicaragua

Grown in the central highlands of Nicaragua, our farmers produce a wonderfully pleasant and exciting coffee that we bring to our customers in the specialty coffee industry. Our model allows us to produce an exceptional specialty coffee while creating sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers and promoting regenerative agriculture.

Producers individually pick the coffee cherries by hand and take great care to guarantee that only ripe cherries are chosen. The post harvest processing is continuously monitored to achieve high quality specialty coffee that offers exciting flavor profiles. Our coffee is subjected to rigorous quality controls by our quality specialists in order to maintain consistency and quality in all lots.

Distinct micro-climates in the region create diversity in the cupping characteristics that allow roasters the opportunity to create truly exceptional and fully-traceable coffee.


Consistent High Quality
We closely monitor post-harvest processing and use standardized quality control procedures to ensure consistency year on year.
Transparent Trade
We preserve the identity, story and value of direct relationships with farmers.
Regenerative Agriculture
We design, install, and promote regenerative systems that center around coffee and macadamia. 

Coffee Specs

Central Highlands, Nicaragua
Processing Method
Washed, natural or honey
900 to 1,200 meters
Drying Method
Sun-dried on patio
Fair Trade Certified

Genetic Variety
Catimor, Caturra
Regenerative Organic Certified
First country to export ROC certified specialty coffee

Our Process

Farmer development
Through our coffee outreach program, we supply farmers with training, technical assistance and access to organic inputs.
Monitored post-harvest processing
We process our coffee under rigorous quality guidelines to produce high-quality and consistent specialty coffee.
Quality control
Our quality team and tasting panel evaluates each and every batch, ensuring the quality and consistency our customers come to expect.
We carefully prepare shipment for export and work closely with our customers to keep them up to date and provide all the necessary paperwork.

How to Buy

Contact our commercial team to learn more about our range of coffee beans and the story and people behind them. Our coffee ships directly from Corinto in Nicaragua. Our logistics team will find the most cost efficient solution to ship less than full container loads. Just get in touch to find out more.


Do you offer micro-lots?

Yes, reach out to our commercial team, we are happy to help.

How much do the beans cost?

This depends on what type of coffee you are interested in. We are happy to advise, just get in touch with our commercial team.

Can I order a sample?

Yes, samples are available and will be sent directly from Nicaragua. We will only ask you to cover shipping costs, just reach out to our commercial team with your delivery details.

Where do you deliver coffee?

We deliver worldwide. Please get in touch with our commercial team in case you have specific questions about a destination.

How long does delivery take?

This depends on where you are based. Our coffee ships from Corinto in Nicaragua, delivery time will depend on the shipping time to your location.

Want to know more about our coffee?

Get in touch! We are here to help.
Cosecha Partners is a pioneering social business that catalyzes sustainable agriculture and market inclusion for smallholder farmers in poor and vulnerable communities.
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