Nicaraguan Trinitario


We work alongside groups of smallholder cacao farmers in the central highlands and Caribbean basin of Nicaragua to produce and process exceptional fine flavor and premium-certified cacao beans. 
Our cacao beans are carefully selected from the best heirloom tree varieties in the country. At harvest, our producer partners take great lengths to ensure only ripe and healthy fruits are collected. Pods are carefully broken and the wet mass is transported to a centralized facility. We ferment and dry the beans according to our meticulous post-harvest protocols, continuously monitoring the beans to achieve a uniform profile and the most desirable and exciting aromas and flavors. Our beans are then subjected to rigorous evaluation by our tasting panel prior to final approval and export. 

Throughout the process, we focus on quality, consistency, and transparency. We provide chocolatiers with an exceptional, fully traceable cacao bean. Being recognized as an origin of fine flavor by the ICCO, our Nicaraguan trinitario cacao offers unique aromas and flavors. Chocolatiers have the opportunity to create truly exceptional chocolate with unique character to inspire a passionate, dedicated following.


Premium Fine Flavor
Our unique Trinitario cacao varieties reach their fullest expression through a meticulous post-harvest process.
Consistent High Quality
We oversee rigorous post-harvest protocols and standardized quality control procedures to ensure consistency year on year.
Transparent Trade
We preserve the identity, story and authenticity of our relationships with farmers.
Regenerative Agriculture
Our producer partners practice dynamic agroforestry using regenerative organic methods.
Looking for a specific flavor profile? We can develop customized profiles to meet your fine flavor requirements.

Fine Flavor Profiles

Ripe Fruits
Moderate Red Wine
Slightly Tannic
Ripe Fruit
Red Wine
Tropical Fruit
Passion Fruit
Intensive Floral
Green Apple

Premium-certified Cacao

We ensure the consistency of our premium-certified cacao by working closely with farmers and adhering to the highest quality standards during each step of production. Before leaving our warehouse, every lot is subject to rigorous quality evaluation by our cacao specialists. Our logistics team takes care of our customers and ensures that cacao is delivered on time, wherever it needs to go.
Caco beans

Semi-Processed Products

Cacao Liquor
Cacao Liquor
Cacao Butter
Cacao Butter
Caco Powder
Cacao Powder
Caco Niba
Cacao Nibs

Our Process

Superior Genetics

We produce and distribute high quality genetic material from our community-led nurseries and clonal gardens.

Farmer development

Through our cacao outreach program, we supply farmers with training, technical assistance, and access to organic inputs.

Strict post harvest protocols

We ferment and dry our cacao under rigorous quality guidelines specifically developed to produce premium quality cacao.

Quality control

Our quality team and tasting panel evaluates each and every batch, ensuring the quality and consistency our customers have come to expect.


We carefully prepare shipment for export and work closely with our customers to keep them up to date and provide all the necessary paperwork.

How to Buy

Contact us to learn more about our range of cacao beans and the story and people behind it. Our fine flavor beans are stocked in Europe and the US. You can buy as little as 200 KG and the cacao will be at your facility within days. Our premium-certified cacao ships directly from Corinto in Nicaragua. We are happy to work with you on a cost efficient solution to ship LCLs and FCLs.


What is the minimum amount I can buy

You can buy from 200kg upwards

How much do the beans cost?

Get in touch, we will send all necessary information.

Can I order a sample before committing to buy?

We are happy to send samples. We will only ask you to cover shipping costs, just reach out to our commercial team with your delivery details.

How do I pay for my beans?

We have a selection of payment options to suit your needs, including paypal and wire transfer.

How long does delivery take?

Our cacao is warehoused in Europe and the US where delivery takes about 10 business days. Get in touch with our commercial team for more exact delivery timelines.

What is the cadmium level of your cacao?

Nicaragua is a low cadmium cacao origin. We test our cacao and it is fully compliant with EU cadmium regulations on cacao beans. 

Let us know how else we can help or order a sample directly!

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